Tutorial is a special mode featured in Arctic Combat.

During the Training, the player learns the basic functions of the game. This mode is only available at the map Basic Training.

In the first phase of the tutorial, players earn the basic controls of the game (e.g. aiming with the mouse, crouching, going prone, movement, etc.)

In the second phase, players learn to fire their weapon, aim down their sights, and shoot practice targets.

In the third phase, players learn to throw grenades and use the AT4 launcher.

Finally, in the fourth phase, players shoot bots. They are required to kill 20 bots.


  • All weapons (except grenade) have 999 reserve ammo.
  • When killling the bots, you are invincible, but you still flinch and your screen still turns red.
  • Throughout the mission, gold bars are awarded for completing each task. These bars are only awarded in the first playthrough of the tutorial.