Arctic Combat SCAR-L
Type Assault Rifle


Ammunition 30/90
Damage Unknown missing/weapondamage
Precision Unknown missing/weaponprecision
Fire Rate Unknown missing/weaponfirerate
Stability Unknown missing/weaponstability
Mobility Unknown missing/weaponmobility
Firemode Automatic
Pre-Attached Scope RedDot
Wikipedia FN SCAR-L

The SCAR-L is a very powerful Assault Rifle. It is one of the closed beta guns.


  • Damage: The Damage is a around average for ARs.
  • Spread: The spread on this gun is very high compared to other Assault Rifles in the game.
  • View Kick: The view kick is higher than the other assault rifles in the game currently.
  • Rate of Fire (ROF): The ROF on this gun is around average on ARs in the game. 
  • Move: The Move on this gun is average to assault rifles. 
  • Range: The Range is average to assault rifles.
  • Iron Sights: It looks like nothing.
  • Modifications: Scopes and Paint (CAMO)


Points Supply Cases Event Variants
SCAR-L {{{case}}} SCAR-L AC Gold
W Coins
SCAR-L Custom
Cousin Variants


For Modifications, see SCAR-L/Modification

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