Webzen Has Recently Made A Few Promises In The Quality Assurance Of Arctic Combat(Battle Territory:Arctic Wind). This Video You See To The Right Is Made By Webzen On How Arctic Combat Was Made.

Q: In terms of the “feel” of the game, is there any comparison you can make that will help players understand the controls better?

A: Our basic control methods are similar to other FPS games that users are familiar with. To these basics we have added iron sight aim and sprinting for a more realistic and dynamic game play. We are still developing and upgrading our system continuously to meet the users' needs.

Q: What is the central plot of Arctic Combat?

A: ARCTIC COMBAT is based on a story of national conflict between two forces, the 'AF’ and 'RSA’, caused by a resource disputation in the arctic territory. The conflict between the AF, led by USA, and RSA, led by Russia, resulted in the world being divided into two. The world was headed into annihilation which could only be called as the beginning of World War III.

Q: How will the game play effect and convey the plot?

A: We have designed the two forces, AF and RSA, to show a maximized national conflict between each other. Also voices, snow-capped maps in the arctic region, city backgrounds ruined by warfare, etc. gives a realistic atmosphere of urban combat. Moreover, modern warfare assets and weapons such as UAVs, artillery support, chopper support, flamethrowers and rocket launchers adds to the carnage in the battlefields. We think that ARCTIC COMBAT expresses the atmosphere of urban warfare better than other online FPS games.

Q: Will there be any cross over events between Arctic Combat and other Webzen games?

A: We are always considering various events. Currently though, we are focusing on localizaing,system optimization and the best serving method for global launch. After that, we will consider what we can do.

Q: Will weather or terrain make a bit impact on the game and bring that “arctic” feel?

A: ARCTIC COMBAT also includes battlegrounds outside the arctic regions. Although the story is based on WWIII and the battle over arctic resources, we have prepared various urban maps, like New York City, desert terrain maps, and snow terrain maps that show the realistic results of WWIII. We hope users understand that AC is based on a world-wide war that is not only based in the arctic regions.

Q: Any RPG elements for players to worry about?

A: Before answering the question, we are aware of what RPG elements people are worried about. What we can say to users is that there is nothing to worry about. ARCTIC COMBAT follows the basic rules of FPS games and we think users will find the RPG systems, such as the Trophy and Auction system, interesting.

Q: What features are you most excited to have players discover?

A: ARCTIC COMBAT has been designed and developed to make users immersed in the combat and give the feeling they are in the middle of the modern warfare battlefield. For this, we have added a realistic gore option and fire support system. The most distinctive feature that can be compared to other FPS games is the smooth and flexible movement which was made with pre-visualization. Also, personal skills allow diverse combat methods that users can choose from. In addition, we have paid attention to the small details a lot such as stamping on enemies and killing low HP enemies with flash bangs. These little features will be interesting for the users to experience.