M4A1 A Icon
M4A1 A
Restrictions Beta test participants
Type Assault Rifle
Features Fixed Eotech sight
Dark green/golden skin
Ammunition 30/90
Damage Unknown missing/weapondamage
Precision Unknown missing/weaponprecision
Fire Rate Unknown missing/weaponfirerate
Stability Unknown missing/weaponstability
Mobility Unknown missing/weaponmobility
Firemode Automatic
Pre-Attached Scope Eotech
Wikipedia M4 Carbine

The M4A1 A is a cosmetic variant of the M4A1


The M4A1 A features no special traits compared to the M4A1 so the only differences are the preattached Eotech scope and its dark green skin with golden ornaments.


Points Supply Cases Event Variants
M4A1 M4A1 Red Tiger
M4A1 Blue Marble
M4A1 Gold Dragon
M4 Custom Alien
M4A1 Gorilla
M4A1 Silver
M4A1 AC_Gold
M4A1 A
W Coins
M4A1 Custom


  • It was awarded to participants in the Closed Beta Tests.
  • A weapon with a similar skin was used in Battle Territory Korea as Christmas version in the year 2010.
  • Battle Territory Thailand released this gun as an reward with the Name "M4A1 HE" which stands for Holiday Edition.


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