Arctic Combat M4A1
Type Assault Rifles


Ammunition 30/90
Damage Average
Precision High
Fire Rate Fast
Stability High(clean predictable pattern)
Mobility Average
Firemode Automatic
Pre-Attached Scope MRDS
Wikipedia M4 carbine

M4A1 is an Assault Rifle that is purchasable with game points.


The M4A1 is an is common assault rifle (AR)and was one of the first guns that were released in Arctic Combat. It was one of the closed beta guns.


  • High accuracy
  • High fire rate
  • Good spray pattern


  • Expensive Game point Cost
  • Slightly low damage


Damage: The damage on this gun is lower than average on ARs. Spread: The spread is fairly tight and lower than most assault rifles. View Kick (Recoil): The recoil on this gun is low. Rate of Fire (ROF): The ROF is way higher than most assault rifles. It is one of the fastest shooting ARs in the game currently. The M4A1 shoots almost or as fast as an SMG. Move/Movement/Portability: This weapon is slower than other ARs.  Range: The range on this gun is average to assault rifles. It shoots pretty far, but has a damage dropoff (the damage goes lower when the target is farther away). Modifications: Paint (CAMO) and Scope


Points Supply Cases Event Variants
M4A1 M4A1 Red Tiger
M4A1 Blue Marble
M4A1 Gold Dragon
M4 Custom Alien
M4A1 Gorilla
M4A1 Silver
M4A1 AC_Gold
M4A1 A
W Coins
M4A1 Custom


For Modifications, see M4A1/Modification

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