Kriss SV Bengal Tiger
Kriss SV Bengal Tiger
Cost 250 W Coins(P) via AC Supply Box
Restrictions Supply Box
Type Submachine Gun
Features Pre-attached Eotech-Scope
Pre-attached Silencer
White tiger-striped Camo
Ammunition  ?/?
Damage Low
Precision Low
Fire Rate Fast
Stability Average(rather messy pattern)
Mobility High
Firemode Automatic
Pre-Attached Scope Eotech
Wikipedia Kriss Vector

The Kriss SV Bengal Tiger is a rare Submachine Gun which was introduced in February 2013.


It is just a cosmetic version of the Kriss Super V. It features no statistical differences other than the extra 5 bullets. It can be obtained only through the AC Supply Box (Kriss SV Bengal Tiger).


Points Supply Cases Event Variants
Kriss Super V Kriss SV Bengal Tiger


  • This was the first weapon to feature a Silencer.