Colt M1911
Colt M1911
Type Pistol


Ammunition Unknown missing/weaponammo
Damage Unknown missing/weapondamage
Precision Unknown missing/weaponprecision
Fire Rate Unknown missing/weaponfirerate
Stability Unknown missing/weaponstability
Mobility Unknown missing/weaponmobility
Firemode Unknown missing/weaponfiremode
Pre-Attached Scope Unknown missing/weaponprescope
Wikipedia M1911

This semiauto pistol was the standard issue for many American soldiers in the World War 2. It is still used today for training purposes, but it declined due to the creation of the Beretta M9. It uses Colt's specially designed .45 ACP ammo.


This weapon is very useful in CQC due to its good fire rate and decent damage at close range. This is a good gun to replace the Desert Eagle if one is not confident with it.


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