Main Features

Arctic Combat is a free to play online FPS which provides trending themes you would see in current console or PC games. Arctic Combat's concept is about strategic battle where aimed shots are fully supported, meaning you will shoot better with the zoom mode just like in today's console or PC games. We have special weapons and Support package systems to help out in the battlefield.

One of key system we have which differentiates our game from others is the gore mode, enemies limbs will fly depends where you shoot to kill him. We introduced this feature in order to provide more realism and greater feedback of shooting.

We plan to launch Arctic Combat in 3Q 2012, it will be serviced in English but we hope to support in many other languages as possible since it is a Global Service. Arctic Combat is already launched in Korea as Battery Online and we are looking forward to Thailand and China service in early 2012.


Since this is the FPS genre customization is limited compared to MMORPGs: you can change your face, helmet, and outfit at the moment. However things can change before official launch. Currently we have male characters only however we are open to female characters as well. As for the faction we have 2 sides, one is Allied Force (AF) which is led by US and the other is Red Star Alliance (RSA) which is led by Russia. We do not offer a class types where would be sniper, assault and etc. where you have to choose one, however AC offers weapon settings so you can set sniper type, assault type etc. in for each slot and change your weapon types right in various situations. From the start user will not have much choices as to change their looks but as they progress they will gather various items to change their appearance. AC's character advancement is based on their rank which is very similar to level systems in MMORPGs. Once character reaches each rank (level) he will be able to use better weapons and equipment.

Combat Systems

We provide simple battle as guns/knife/grenade. We want our user to experience ease of pick up and easily played and to advance naturally to enjoy AC's strategic game play.

There are few factors comes in our battlefield where psychological aspect is important to the game play. For example sometimes you will find a decent weapon is dropped on the ground and when you run to get it your enemy will probably ambush you.

There are 6 different modes at launch: Team Death Match, Free for all, Demolition, Conquest, Search and Destroy, and PVE missions. More and unique modes are under development too.


Just like any other online FPS, weapon is the most important tool to win the game. We offer a Trophy system in Online FPS, you get to have a chance to roll for unique to common items after each game ends, odds to receive these prize is totally random, your performance on the battlefield does little effect on your draw. As for these unique items you can trade with others through our Auction House, which is also the very first on an Online FPS like this.


As for our revenue model we can proudly say that there will be No Cash Weapons in Arcti

c Combat. We know there have been a lot of complaints about unfairness with Cash weapons over-powering normal weapon, which makes paying users stronger and non-paying users weak and this is not a true Free to Play model at all.


Arctic Combat is developed with Unreal Engine 2.5. We had choices between UE 3.0 and UE 2.5 but we made our choice with UE 2.5 because we believe for Global Service we could care more users with lower spec PC systems to high spec PC systems. It doesn't mean we have sacrificed a lot on our visual aspects, we still kept our visual qualities high.

Ai Modes

We offer one of the greatest AI you will ever find out there in online FPS market. We offer five different settings of difficulty level and if you try our most difficult setting AI mode, you will be very surprised. With these AIs we are currently developing various modes to entertain our users. So please look forward to our future update news.