Arctic Combat uses Server Based System in which user's games are are hosted by the company instead of Peer To Peer, basically less lag.


Peer to Peer Connection System (Also known as P2P). Everyone in the game is connected to a Game Host which will host the game. If the host is having connection problems, the other players that is in the game will suffer lag or disconnection. This also means that Mio is not 100% the cause of disconnections in-game.
Centralized Server Connection System means everyone connects to the server and this minimize the chances of getting disconnected. The servers will also require a lot of money and resources to keep it working.


Centralized Server Connection System
Sometimes there will be problems with the Servers like e.g. Server Crash, Server Lag (All lag is caused by the Server, not the host) e.t.c. Mostly players will get disconnected or lag when playing the game. Just a side note on what I observed. Frequently after Server Crashes, players would spam the chat. Even thought this will not cause another Server Crash, but it would be irritating. i should stop explaining more of it as you will get tired )

Q: Why I keep get disconnected from the Server?
A: It might be due to Server Problems, High Login Rate (If there are many players online at that time, the Server might crash as it cannot hold too many players at one time) , Game Host if you get disconnected from a game or your Connection. If your connection is weak, you will not be able to connect to the Game Host and eventually disconnect from the Game and Server. If you frequently get Server Disconnections, call up with your Internet Service Provider to conduct a check on your connection or create a new thread in the Technical Support Channel and an appropriate GM/ Tech Staff will address your problem if stated clearly

Q: What is the difference between P2P Connection System and Centralized Server Connection System?
A: P2P Connection is cheaper to maintain but there will be more lag and disconnections as compared to Centralized Server Connection. Centralized Server Connection means less lag and disconnections, but it is more expensive to create and maintain