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AK-47 AC Gold icon
AK-47 AC_Gold
Type Assault Rifle
Features Gold Camo
Ammunition 30/90
Damage Unknown missing/weapondamage
Precision Unknown missing/weaponprecision
Fire Rate Unknown missing/weaponfirerate
Stability Unknown missing/weaponstability
Mobility Unknown missing/weaponmobility
Firemode Unknown missing/weaponfiremode
Pre-Attached Scope Unknown missing/weaponprescope
Wikipedia AK-47

The AK-47 AC_Gold is a Assault Rifle. It was issued at the beta release of arctic combat. It is unfortunately unobtainable currently except in special supply packs and promotional "codes" given to players. 


This is a cosmetic version of the AK-47. It has the same statistics as all the other AK-47's other than the AK-47 Pink Heart.


Points Supply Cases Event Variants
AK-47 AK-47 Pink Heart
AK-47 Crown
AK-47 Alien
AK-47 Silver
AK-47 AC Gold
AK-47 NewYear
W Coins
AK-47 Custom
Cousin Variants


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